Wednesday, November 4, 2009

International Criminal Court

While the International arena is in its greatest need of enforcement there is one single agency that could potentially serve as the central hub for such enforcement, and create a greater sense of stability... and more importantly a sense of responsibility and fear from prosecution amongst world leaders, The International Criminal Court.

While the ICJ, International Court of Justice the United Nations version of a Civil court was met with some turbulence at first, it has essentially become an established and accepted controlling, and deciding, agent of international law.

The International Criminal Court has likeweise met with some turbulence since its inception, but a few years ago, and to a great degree is defanged by easily escaped jurisdiction, it has never been more obvious that there is a ninherent need for such an organization.

As we are faced with genocide in various parts of the world, and political leaders that are harder and harder to tell apart from criminals... The strengthening of such an organization into a viable entity of international force could potentially be the most direct path toward accomplishing one of mankinds most ambitious goals, that of world peace. WHile this peace would be an uneasy balance due to fear of prosecution, it is clear that as a society we have absolutely no issue with separating away those whom break our laws, equally i would argue that those committing the greatest of violations should face the greatest of responsibilities for their actions.

I firmly believe that the Internatinal Criminal Court is a necessary entity, one that holds an infinite potential... yet currently fails to live up to even a small portion of this potential.

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