Monday, November 2, 2009

First offense...

There is no other time that an attorney is needed most, than on an individuals first contact with the criminal justice system.

For most people facing their first arrest, or their loved ones first arrest, the complexities of legal procedure are more than enough to more than intimidating.

While some charges may seem minor, there can be severe collateral consequences that can result. For example, public urination in NY is not a particularly serious charge, and while many individuals fail to seek counsel because of that fact. There are some serious ramifications that could result, such as the loss of professional licenses, or their suspension.

Immigrants that are seelking citizenship are in similar situations, where upon a plea of guilty to any charge they must wait 5 years before filing for citizenship.

Regardless of the charge, always consult with an attorney to see what collateral consequences may exist for you!

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